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  • How many days does it take to process my enquiry?
    At Fine, we aim to process your inquiry and revert within 24 hours.
  • When can I expect my order to be delivered?
    At Fine, we would deliver customer orders within 4 weeks. In special cases or special programs we can deliver within 2 weeks.
  • Which are the new collections that you've launched internationally?

    Fine Jewellery has always enjoyed a premium position in the diamond studded gold and platinum Jewellery category. We have been strongly associated with design innovations and style pioneers. Our customers are sent regular updates with latest brands and collections development at Fine. Additionally, we send our customers trend reports ideal for their market. Please contact us to know about our recent successful launches and upcoming collections.

  • Do you have sales staff that can speak my language?
    At fine we understand the important of having local language support. We have trained sales staff fluent in French, Dutch, German and Spanish.
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