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The management team is a combination of highly qualified and fresh thinking veterans who are GIA graduates, Engineers, and MBAs. Founded by Mr. Premkumar Kothari, the baton has now been passed on in to the deft hands of his sons Mr. Sohil Kothari and Viral Kothari.

Founder & Chairman Mr. Premkumar Kothari has been the inspirational force behind the firm. It is his vision that has provided the basis for the foundation of Fine Group Of Companies. With his extensive industry experience of over 35 years, he has spearheaded the organization to bring in greater professionalism, create a corporate identity and raise product standards.

His pursuit of quality and precision has created a corporate culture where these are the mantras followed at every step. His innovative approach and deep insight into customer needs and market trends, both local and international, led him to develop a whole range of best selling global products. Pushed by his dynamism and his talent for spotting opportunities and ideas, the company has stepped into a leadership position.

Director - Mr. Sohil Kothari - with an experience of over 15 years in the industry and his professional instinct and dedication towards R&D, Sourcing and Operations for the company, Mr Kothari has been instrumental in infusing new technology, and innovative production processes. He has successfully adapted international processes to the domestic environment to create systems and products suitable for the Indian market.

Director - Viral Kothari is a G.I.A and a Michigan state university graduate with a degree in Supply chain management. Heading the Marketing and Sales function his focus is always on enabling value added services to his clients. He is passionate about building client relationships and has been a crucial part of implementing the worldwide subsidiaries for the group.
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