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Diamonds: for eons have been one of the earth’s most enduring and delectable mysteries. Whilst, science has told us how they are created, it is still a mystery as to how and why they hold the key to a woman’s heart.

The Mystere collection, a revolutionary collection designed using the Mystery Setting only adds to this enigma. Settings, style and finish are the cornerstones of this enchanting collection.

The Mystery setting, a novel technique of setting diamonds in the jewellery has been patented by Fine Jewellery in many countries across the Globe.

This technique allows us to set a large number of diamonds into a unique setting that enhances the brilliance and lustre of the jewellery and provides an opulent look to the diamonds. What’s more, the collection has a flexibility that allows us to set this lustrous look in any shape - round, oval, trillion, square as well as many more thus offering a wide choice of designs to the wearer.

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